Sounowa Honpo Jeans sewing processing company in Hayashima-Cho,Okayama prefecture, we deliver high quality products.

Sounowa Honpo

Sounowa Honpo places emphasizes on quality control,we will continue to devote ourselves to all staff to acquire various processing techniques.

Top Message


To offer a little time and effort of Jpana(monodzukuri) to the world.

Now, in Japana's apparel business, about 90% of the products are overseas production, and domestic apparel factories that have supported the Jpanese textile industry are decreasing year by year. Unlike overseas production several years ago, as quality improves and can be produced cheaply, is there anything we can do for them? What is "manufacturing" in Japan? We are thinking everyday.

Sounowa Honpo's in our passion for "Craftsman ship", keep in mind every little detail. When we "crate" here at Sounowa Honpo, we do so carefully piece by piece, with our ethos of valuing the human touch and our joy for craftsmanship.

At sounowa Honpo, our highly skilled staff always have this "ethos" and craftsmanship in mind.


Let's all have fun "manufacturing"(mododzukuri) together!

Let's connect the pleasure of manufacturing and Japanese craftsmanship to the next generation.


Company Name ounowa Honpo Corporation
Representative Director Tatsuya Nerio
Date founded January 4, 2016
Number of employees 23名
Capital 3 million yen
Company Address 911-18 Hayashima-cho Yao, Tsukubo-gun, Okayama Prefecture 701-0301, Japan
Business Sites
Head Office
(911-18 Hayashima-cho Yao, Tsukubo-gun, Okayama Prefecture 701-0301, Japan) 
Ibara Office
(3-3-1 Takaya-cho, Ibara-city, Okayama Prefecture 715-0024, Japan)

Head Factory

Hayashima-ChoHead Factory

The Hayashima factory adjacent to the headquarters has various processing lines such as decolorization, dyeing, inspection, etc. centering on damage processing of jeans.

In order to value sensitivity, we aim to incorporate music during work, incorporate our own factory interior, and create a work environment friendly to humans.

創ノ和本舗株式会社 本社


Shaving processing.

By rubbing with sandpaper or wheel sander, it is processing to reproduce wrinks like wearing for many years.

Although the way of wrinkle depends on strength and frequency, at our company we strive to maintain quality by craftsmen carefully finishing with the same strength one by one.


Crash processing.

It is a grinding process that cats only the warp of denim fabric composed of indigo thread's warp and white weft.


Hand bleached processing.

Use a bleach to discolor the color of the fabric. By carefully applying it by the hand of a person, I will produce a high quality rubbing feeling.

Ibara Factory

Ibara-CitySewing Factory

Ibara-shi is known as the sacred place of denim, and around 1970 it produced 15 million annually, 75% jeans nationwide.

創ノ和本舗株式会社 井原縫製工場


Sewing commitment by domestic factory in Japan.

Ibara-shi is a city full of sewing and many resident skilled craftsman with high sewing skills are resident. At our company, various sewing machines are introduced, and skilled craftsmen are sewing. There is a technique to shape the attention of the client to fine details as well as beautifuk sewing.